Writers’ Centre Kingston

is Kingston University's literary cultural centre dedicated to creative writing in all its forms, with an annual programme of events from talks to workshops and festivals.

The programme consists of a dozen events – some themed, with speakers responding to that concept with a new reading or talk or performance - and others celebrating a festival or regular reading series. The speakers are both guests to the Centre as well as those drawn from the academic staff at Kingston University, home of WCK. Student and alumnus readings accompany this main programme.

The events are also often hosted and curated in partnership with institutions local to Kingston University and in London, from The Rose Theatre to the Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, from the Museum of Futures to Kingston First. These partnerships are key to the mode of the Centre, sharing and gaining expertise in collaboration.

Special events throughout the year include a European Literature Festival, a celebration of English PEN and their writers-at-risk programme, and an exhibition of literary or art. There is also a programme of adult education courses available from the Centre and initiatives including a bookclub and a pamphlet publication series for student poets.

The programme brings together some of the finest writers from across the UK and the world in conversation with the exceptional staff of Kingston University, drawn from a wide variety of writing disciplines - from fiction to journalism, from philosophy to theatre, from history to travel, from poetry to criticism, even including the sciences, engineering and beyond. Our understanding of writing is inclusive and innovative, and it is fundamental to our mission that our audiences and participants are a mix of students and faculty from across departments alongside the considerable local community of writers and literary devotees.

Writers’ Centre Kingston builds on the decade long legacy of Kingston Writing School and aims to create a unique, groundbreaking and adaptable centre that inspires all who attend or participate with a dynamic and original approach to live literature and writing culture.


DirectorSteven J Fowler is writer, poet and artist, currently Lecturer in Creative Writing at Kingston University. His writing has been translated into over 20 languages and with his Enemies Project he has curated over 300 live literature events in nearly two dozen nations.

The Story of Writer’s Centre Kingston

Founded in 2009 by David Rogers, and formerly known as The Writing School at Kingston University, our Centre has provided an open, vibrant community of outstanding writers, journalists, and publishing experts engaged with talented students and an exciting range of academics, writers in residence and guests. Over one hundred events and workshop have enlivened the on campus writing culture at Kingston University and shaped the careers of many young and established writers.

Speakers and writers-in-residence include Bonnie Greer, Deborah Levy, C.D.Wright, Elif Shafak, Hanif Kureshi, Mervyn Morris, Sam Jordison, Mario Petrucci, Tom Sperlinger, Marius Chivu, Kim Campanello, Maurice Walsh, Anna Pasternak, Samira Ahmed, Laura Borras, John Fuegi, Jo Francis, Mark Barrowcliffe, Laura Bridgeman, Linda Buckley-Archer, Gale Burns, Michele Cahill, Tamir Cohen, Howard Cunnell, Matthew Cunningham. Martin Dawes, Georgia Fitch, Cath Howe, Liz Jensen, Dina Kafiris, Barrie Keeffe, Kathryn Maris, Grace McCleen, Alan McCormick, Kate O'Riordan, Poppy Sebag-Montifiore, Sue Wallman, Kathryn Corrick, Sunny Hundall, Justine Solomons, Susan Howe, Jenny Wong, K J Orr, Zoe Gibson, Michelle Cahill, Anne Marie Fyfe, Catherine McNamara, Lizzie Enfield, Ed Docx, Howard Cunnell, Brian Cathcart, John Man, Ann Fisher Wirth,  Rick Williams, A.J. Hartley, Paul Bailey,  Gerald Daws, Siobhan Campbell, John Davies and many many others.

"Kingston Writing School has become one of the most dynamic places for students and writers in the United Kingdom. People there are full of talent, energy and bright ideas. It's a pleasure to be part of it and to have seen it grow so much in such a short time."       Hanif Kureishi


Writers' Centre Kingston is fortunate to enjoy the support of the following institutions. Many more to be confirmed.