Memento Mori : on Mortality
November Tuesday 19th 2019 at Museum of Futures

A themed literary happening on remembering our mortality, and the benefits of death remembrance.

With readings / performances by Paul Booth, Sara Upstone, Simon Tyrrell, Nick Foxton, Stephen emmerson, Kate Scott, Katerina Koulouri, JULIA ROSE LEWIS, MATTHEW BLUNDERFIELD and James Reynolds


This event will present speakers from a multitude of backgrounds and disciplines, from the staff of Kingston University to local writers and visiting speakers. Their responses to the theme will be positively various and can include new readings of fiction and poetry alongside experimental or theatrical performance, speeches, talks, recitals and everything in between, excluding academic lectures.

Come and join us to celebrate the bounty of remembering our mortality with a unique night of literature in the wonderful environs of Surbiton’s community hub, The Museum of Futures.