The University Camarade V : January Saturday 25th 2019
at Rich Mix, Brick Lane, London / 7.30pm / Free Entry

35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London E1 6LA https://richmix.org.uk/events/the-university-camarade-poetry/

For the fifth time, Writers’ Centre Kingston presented a special showcase event that asked pairs of Creative Writing students from different Universities in the UK to collaborate on short new works of poetry or text, for performance.  

The primary participants were students writing with poets they've never met before, who study within a different institution, this project allows them to expand their practise, knowledge and networks, and evidences Kingston University's desire to break ground with outgoing initiatives for its students and young writers in general. The innovative collaborative methodology also allows participants to include experimentation early in their writing careers, and perform to a large audience in the heart of London.

A unique collaborative event, almost 30 students from the creative writing departments of seven UK universities - Kingston, Edge Hill, Lincoln, York, York St John, Greenwich and Glasgow - present nearly 15 brand new works in collaboration. The University Camarade is presented by Writers’ Centre Kingston at Kingston University.


Maria Omena & Shehzar Doja, Freya Hope & Lucy Wilkinson, Jessica Faith Cooper & Emily Pritchard, Danielle Moles & Humaira Pandor, Lucy Duffell & Emily Fisher, Lucy Barrett & Elizabeth Hudson, Adam Ditchburn & Jessica Toye, Kieran Johns & Jessica Hill, Joseph Marsh & Ella Cunningham, Jasmine Barrett & Chloe Ozkan, Gabriella Buckner & Scott Barnard

With students from the Universities of Glasgow, Edge Hill, Lincoln, York St John, Oxford Brookes, Greenwich, York and Kingston.