Our second year of events and happenings in and around Kingston and Surbiton led to some extraordinary explorations of what literature can be, live, as a community. And this is our purpose, to create a community of writers, from every background and approach, from students, uni staff and people just living in the vicinity, or even those visiting just for one night. How do we go about doing this? It cannot be forced, with overt ambition. One can only create the space let people come into it, and make sure, invisibly, the space is welcoming while the work is of quality. The latter is rare when the former is present, but in this year, our second time round, we began to establish our identity, as a place welcoming to all, where real experiment, bold statement and literary thinking could flourish.

Our guest speakers were brilliant, Max Porter, Damian le Bas, Joe Dunthorne et al brought to our audiences their extraordinary writing and its consequent success. Our student poets were wonderful, from Helen Artus’ pamphlet written entirely in sign language, poems made of pictures of hands, to Marcia Knight Latter’s ebullient and generous debut readings and publications. Once again, our arguable highlight was the annual Museum of Futures exhibition, which was bookended with two amazing nights in Surbiton. to be continued

#13 - October Thursday 4th 2018 – The Rose Theatre, Kingston : 7pm Free Entry
On the theme of Becoming, with Damian Le Bas, Tina Chanter

#14 October Thursday 18th – Kingston University, Penrhyn Road campus, PRJG0003 : John Galsworthy building : 7pm Free
On the theme of Gambling, with Revital Cohen, Tuur Van Balen

#15 November Thursday 8th - Kingston University, Penrhyn Road campus, PRJG0003 : John Galsworthy building : 7pm Free
On the theme of Purpose, with Joe Dunthorne, Éadaoin Agnew and Matthew Cunningham 

#16 November Saturday 24th 2018 – The Kingston Camarade : Rich Mix, Venue 2. London : 7.30pm Free Entry
New collaborations in pairs from Kingston Uni students and staff including Nick Foxton, Mark Harris, Alison Baverstock, John Hughes & Mandy Ure, Catherine Humble, Diran Adebayo, Janice Miller, Joanne Addison, Andrew Benjamin.

#17 January Thursday 17th - The Rose Theatre, Kingston : 7pm Free Entry
On the theme of Mythologising, with Max Porter, Winsome Pinnock and Catherine Humble

#18 January Thursday 24th - English PEN Modern Literature Fest : The Bishop. 2 Bishop Hall, Kingston. 7pm Free.
with Sam Jordison, Ellen Wiles, Gareth Evans, Ghazal Mosadeq, James Miller, Helen Palmer, Adam Baron, Sara Upstone.

#19 February Saturday 9th – The University Camarade IV : Rich Mix, London : 7.30pm Free
Students from Kingston University and other institutions across the UK present brand new collaborations.

#20 February Thursday 21st : Visual Literature Exhibition opening - The Museum of Futures, Surbiton : 7.30pm Free
(The exhibition runs February 19th to March 13th 2019.) with a Camarade reading, presenting multiple new collaborations made by exhibiting poets in pairs.

#21 March Tuesday 5th :  Poem Brut - The Museum of Futures, Surbiton : 7.30pm Free
with Nise McCullough, Lisa Kiew, MJB, Sara Upstone and Patrick Cosgrove.

#22 April Thursday 4th : European Poetry Festival - The Rose Theatre, Kingston : 7pm Free Entry
with Morten Langeland, Jon Stale Ritland, Alessandro Burbank and many more poets from across the continent.