WCK Year Three : 2019 - 2020

Our finest year yet, but naturally things should get better as the Centre becomes established in the local community and internationally. The driving idea behind our programme - to curate new live works, warm welcoming intellectually stimulating events, new publications - that level off any differentiations between Kingston Uni staff, students, local writers and visiting artists, was really at its most evident this year. The programme moved away from focusing on visiting speakers and towards developing a more consistent local community. Our collaborative, themed and workshop events were wonderful, from the Uni Camarade in London, to the Kingston Camarade at the University. From celebrations of indie presses to explorations of Korean literature. From our 4th annual visual literature exhibition to events on life, death and everything inbetween. Please watch some of the videos below, and on our youtube channel, for a flavour of what took place, and there much more on each event page detailed in our schedule also below.


#23 October Thursday 17th – NORDIC POETRY FESTIVAL at The Museum of Futures, Surbiton
with Endre Ruset, Morten Langeland, Jon Stale Ritland, Silje Ree plus Meg Jensen et al

#24 October Wednesday 23rd - Korean Literature Night at Korean Cultural Centre, London
Kingston-upon-Thames has the most populus of Korean diaspora in all of Europe, an event with London’s remarkable Korean Cultural Centre

#25 November Tuesday 5th – NEMESES, celebrating collaboration : a themed event at Venue to be confirmed
with Karen Sandhu & SJ Fowler, Patrick Cosgrove & Alex Hegazy, Lucy Furlong & Susie Campbell plus many more.

#26 November Tuesday 19th - MEMENTO MORI, exploring mortality : a themed event at the Museum of Futures, Surbiton
with Paul Booth, Sara Upstone, Simon Tyrrell, Nick Foxton, Matthew Birchwood, Kate Scott, James Reynolds et al

#27 December Tuesday 10th - LITERARY HEALTH : a themed event at The Rose Theatre, Kingston
with Joseph Devlin, Ellen Wiles, Lucy Furlong, James Reynolds, Will Brooker et al

#28 January Tuesday 14th – ENGLISH PEN : celebrating Writers at Risk around the world at The Bishop, Kingston
with Astra Papachristodoulou, Sara Upstone, James Miller, Adam Baron, Helen Palmer, Sam Jordison, Ellen Wiles et al

#29 January Tuesday 21st - Korean Literature Night at Kingston University : The White Book
Kingston-upon-Thames has the most populus of Korean diaspora in all of Europe, an event with the remarkable Korean Cultural Centre

#30 January Saturday 25th – UNIVERSITY CAMARADE at Rich Mix, near Brick Lane, London
Students from Kingston University and institutes across the UK collaborate in London

#31 February Tuesday 18th - The Museum of Futures annual exhibition opening event, Surbiton
on the theme of
writing / literature as notation, draft, rehearsal, unfinished, forgotten
with Kate Scott, Jamie Toy, Julia Lewis, Simon Tyrrell, Lucy Furlong et al

#32 February Tuesday 25th - DOSTOYEVSKY WANNABE, celebrating delusions of grandeur : a themed event at Museum of Futures
with Nadia de Vries, Christodoulos Makris,SJ Fowler, Dominic Jaeckle et al

#33 March Tuesday 17th – POEM BRUT, the Museum of Futures annual exhibition closing event, Surbiton
on the
mess, material, making, non-tech methods of literature with Helen Palmer, Simon Tyrrell, Jamie Toy, Julia Lewis, Patrick Cosgrove, et al